My Unreplied Fan Letter To Chuck Palahniuk

I think your work is beautiful like how an arsonist thinks forest fires are beautiful.It’s a very twisted beauty,but beauty still.The way you captured the way we speak when we have a gun in our mouth makes me imagine you actually put a Colt 1911 in your mouth and while tasting the steel,you wrote.The way you wrote about Marla’s terrifying mind reminds me of me when I hit my lowest,and the me I would want to be and smoke away when I self destruct.The way you hinted the narrator is in an asylum when he thought he was in heaven made me realize the denial I’ve been weaving and worn proudly.

I have only read Fight Club,I’ve never read any of your other works.But I read it about 17 times or more to remind me of the socialist I’ve failed to be and the denial I would’ve scraped.I know some people love their authors fervently and read every book that has ever been written by their favorite authors,but I don’t.I love excessively in a minimal way.
So from the bottom of my shriveled,stingy and dried up heart,thank you thank you thank you for writing Fight Club.


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