Why I Normally Do Not Have New Year Resolutions

because in my world,things only start to go downhill in June or July.Maybe May.That’s when I start to slack,and when I start to look at the dust on my piling assignments and think “I can finish this tomorrow,let me watch 2 more episodes of It’s Always Sunny.”,and when I spend too much money when I’ve only spent the first five days of the month.

I do not have new year resolutions because January is the month where I would actually take the liberty to take out my books and read,to do all my chores the right way,to go for a fucking hike,to be….courteous.Why,why?Tell ’em that is human nature~ Preach it,Michael Jackson.Because January is the month to thrive on hope.New beginnings,fresh faces,new stationary  to write with,new books with new spine,and new attitude.

Then shit starts to get real in June or May.You have gotten the hang of this chapter you’re in,and you’re in your comfort zone,as in the zone you’re in when you put on your jammies and watch Adventure Time while eating pistachio nuts. The “fresh faces” become the faces you have seen for 6 months,and frankly you have already started to despise some of them but kept the charcoal of hate burning inside of your guts. You probably lost your new eraser from January in March and have been buying new erasers every month since.Your books are all highlighted by June and you can’t be arsed if someone scrawled the words “I Luv Big Butts And I Can’t Lie” on the cover.And by June,your attitude is probably shit,in which you have what I’d like to call,an asstitude.

I only have Half Year Resolutions,of which I partially succeeded but failed in a majority portion.So far I can only cross off a few things.

1.Don’t be a pussy and stop cowering


2.Need to be cruel and kind at the right times.

This half year I have only been cruel.


3.Do as many things for the first time as you can

Kind of vague to cross this off.But I have experienced snow storm for the first time.That knocks out three things.


4.Don’t be a whiny cunt

I’m quite proud of myself for this,for I used to complain alot and loathe many things.Now I only loathe many things silently.


5.Excuses are for losers

I have failed to accomplish this,ONLY BECAUSE IT’S TOO HARD.You see what I mean?


6.Be hardworking or be a loser

And a loser I shall be


7.Get your head out of your ass and get a reality check


8.Don’t take yourself too seriously,but serious enough


I’ve crossed out half of the things in my list,not too bad,I reckon?Shall push the other 4 up to my next half year’s list.

It has indeed been one heck of a half year!


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