Time Capsule

Now everything in my life is going well.So well that I wish this wouldn’t end.I have ceased to look for escape.I am now immune to my screwed up history.This warm and happy feeling I have is like the feeling you get when you finally  found the right fonts to portray the content on whatever you’re trying to send across,may it be Arial or Centaur.It’s not the sense of completion,but it was the sense of not feeling empty.Like I have finally learnt to swim,but not do a butterfly stroke.It wasn’t the best,but it was good enough.

And there’s no other time I need you more than right now.You probably think I need you most when I have those days when I feel as blue as a Picasso painting,or days when I watch Masterchef alone and think of the days when you’ll lie on the couch adjacent to me,talking about how you like runny egg yolks.No,I need you now more than ever.

I forgotten how much I missed to be dependent on you,how much I missed to miss you,how I’ll bite the insides of my mouth so I won’t say anything that will bruise my ego when I talk to you after not being to talk to you in a long time,how much I missed the jabbing melancholy when I read your letters.Ah,reading your letters is like listening to The Smiths on a sunny day.It’s beautiful but it’s very very sad.

Although you might be gradually be taken away by time but I have already contained you into a capsule in my mind.It’s like a time capsule,but not really.You’re still going to look sympathetic when you laugh,you still have fucked up teeth,and you’re still quite terrified of the most absurd things sometimes.I can’t wait for you to return.


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