In Dreams

Last night I dreamt that I went to a concert with my friends,and they left me because none of them wanted to fetch me home.I walked for miles till my feet hurt,and a bus pulled up to me and asked if I was yaner,and yaner indeed i am.So I boarded the bus.

The driver brought me to watch a David Bowie showcase,then this beige shirt girl with a headset asked me to go backstage to meet him.I was so flabbergasted,I would’ve shat my pants,but I didn’t because I was dreaming,and because I was dreaming,I was calm and collected.I took a napkin with me so he could give me his autograph.He knew my name,and wrote more than just “David Bowie,To Yaner”.

The roadies,the beige shirt girl and the audience left me because they gotta continue their tour on the road.And I was left with concert garbage,condoms and cigarettes.I walked for miles back to my house.My feet hurt and my lips felt sore as if I ate too many tomatoes.I put my shoes down,went in,and saw my dad wearing David Bowie leotards and spreading butter on bread.I would’ve shat my pants and scream,but didn’t because I was dreaming,and because I was dreaming,I greeted him,sat down and ate the bread.


I don’t know why I kept thinking of this dream the entire day,so I think I should write it down before I forget because usually I can’t remember shit from my dreams.


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