Conclusion: January

Mundanity is comfort.

Comfort is staying at home and lay on the couch watching Suits reruns.

Anxiety is seeing a man’s face when there is no man.

Feeling apprehensive is fearing a bus might hit me before I step into college for orientation.

Low self worth is feeling sad that a bus didn’t hit me and afraid I won’t make any friends in college.

Unfamiliarity is fearing I might miss my bus stop and end up in Rawang.

Limbo is where I don’t belong to anywhere and anywhere doesn’t belong to me.

Control was what I had for 3 minutes.

Exhaustion is contentment.

Contentment was what I felt for three days.

Discipline is something I didn’t know I have it in me.

Longing is doing math and realizing I don’t understand shit and long for my sister to be next to me.

Nostalgia is high school.

High school is sadness.

Sadness is having a set of wonderful friends who you don’t speak to anymore on a daily basis.

Dutch courage is something I don’t have.

Infatuation is glee.

Glee is smiling like a fucker.

Smiling like a fucker is comfort.

Comfort was what I needed.

Not needing something is power.

Power is strength.

Strength is saying no to a cigarette when someone blows Ice Blast smoke in your face.

Conflict was the dilemma of being a good friend or someone who loves myself.

Secrets are things I wished I didn’t have.

Closure was what I desperately sought after and thought I have.

Frusturation is not being able to solve my own rhetorical questions regarding morality.

Amusement is being frustrated I can’t answer m own questions.

Spontaneity is fun.

Fun is free.

Free is life.

Life is joining a treasure hunt when you didn’t plan to and running around Subang and doing stupid shit.

Growing up is something I have done in the 2013 of January

Adventurousness is tomorrow.

Anticipation is February.


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