Ronald has a wife,she is steel,in the sense that she has a heart made of one,but if you have the right temperature,she becomes a silvery liquid which you can amalgamate with copper.

And he has three children.

The first one was the fixer,in the sense that she fixes the problems that she did not cause around the house.She’s also the creator,in the sense that many problems are created by her.The second one was the parasite,in the sense that she never fixed anything and took it for granted that the first child will fix everything.She’s also the butterfly in the diving bell,in the sense that whenever problems arise,she gets so helpless and emotional.The third one was a brick wall,in the sense that she stood there unscathed and unfeeling when problems arise.Like the pillars that are still standing  in Rome,she was never affected.

One day,problems arise.The fixer was not at home.The butterfly in the diving bell couldn’t do anything because she was just a six legged insect.The brick wall was once again,unaffected,and did not do anything.

When problems arise,Ronald thought of leaving.He could take his keys,and his wallet and go anywhere.Everywhere. But his wife was always ahead of him and he sits with his children at home,waiting for a call from his wife,or expecting an accident from late night drivers.This tim when problems arise,Ronald stood up when his wife was talking. The butterfly in the diving bell asked him for som tapes because her shoulders were sore.He stood up when she talked as well.He took his keys and wallet,and left.He left the brick wall and the butterfly at home,with the steel.

Sorry? He wasn’t sorry. He used to love to take pictures of his wife.Now he’s taking his time and stalling so he doesn’t need to go home.He used to hold her hand in fairs.Now he holds his tongue so he wouldn’t offend her.He thought of leaving countless times.

Then he thought about the fixer,the butterfly in the diving bell and the brick wall.

He really really thought about them.He stayed.


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