Happy Birthday To My Favorite Person

Let’s start with her face.

Her zygomatic bones are higher than the sunrise in Japan at 6:21 am.I have always envied that bit of her.When her orbicularis oculi relaxes and contracts,I see that she has two small holes for eyes.Her teeth are messier than an unhappy couple’s bedroom after a big fight.

Let’s move on to the way she thinks.

If a mind can be a maze,a cube,a kaleidoscope,her mind is water.Filling up every vase,beaker and bowl the way the shapes of the vase,beaker and bowl are.

Let’s move on to what she did for me.

She left a library of books for me to read.Stolen books,borrowed and never returned books,books that are bought with a 10% discount and given books that touch upon religion.She left envelopes of letters for me to read so sadness won’t cave in.She made me want to go to UK and eat Churros.She listened to me and nodded half-heartedly but she was the only listener I ever need.She left me with all these knowledge I never knew I had.

No wonder she’s my favorite person.And even if she’ll be taken away gradually by time,she’s still going to be my favorite person.And it’s times like this when I get sadder than usual because I miss her more than usual.


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