After Death

“I find that the only way to get through life is to picture myself in an entirely disconnected reality. I often imagine how people would react to my death. Mr Dunthorne’s quavering voice as he makes the announcement. The shocked faces of my classmates. A playground bedecked with flowers. The empty stillness of a school corridor. Local news analysis. . . . The steady stoicism of my parents. . . . Candlelit vigils. . . . And finally, my glorious resurrection.” 
― Joe DunthorneSubmarine

Most adolescents are excited about being 18 because  they can drink vodka legally,drive responsibly and have the freedom they have always wanted for 17 years.The thing about being 18 which excites me the most is that I can finally tell my parents firmly that I want to donate my body to science when I’m dead.And hoping they won’t answer me and take my opinion condescendingly.Will they cry because they won’t get to keep my body in the ground next to them,below a bed of weed and flowers? Will they be disappointed when they finally discover I don’t believe in God and I don’t believe in my spirit lingering around KL after I’m dead?Will they be puzzled on why do I wish to be disintegrated and being handled by a school of unskilled medical students?Will they think of me when they read about some blood donation campaign on the papers because it’s someone donating some part of him or her to some part of someone else?Will they realize what I mean when I say “It doesn’t matter what cemetery I’ll be in when I’m dead.”?Will they even take me seriously or probably say I’m not seeing things in hindsight?


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