Everyone Is Here,Except For You

Everyone is here,damp shoulders to sticky backs.

The sky was red,ruby red.Like how your nose bled when you did cocaine in that party at that house on that night with that person.The car below the sky was white as snow.Like how the traces of coke looked like by your nose.

You looked at me with those half opened eyes,and said “Come here.”

You sat next to me silent when I cried because you knew I hated moral support.

You let me put my hand in your pocket when I walk next to you because you know I don’t and won’t want to get your hands clammy from my perspiration.

You let me wear your watch because I don’t have one.

You were bad for me,as bad as I am bad for you.

You let me sit next to you in silence because you needed to think,and I didn’t want to talk.

Everyone is here,except for you. And I need you here because I need to know what time is it.


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