For An Anonymous

It was a Monday.Her shoes are wet,and are disintegrating.She wondered if she’ll ever get out of this system of monotony and routines.

It was a Tuesday.He needed a way out and no one gave him a blanket or a lighter when he needed to be warm.He wondered if anyone would give him a shovel or a map for the way out.

It was a Wednesday.He was contented.Finally at a place where he feels everything is at where it’s supposed to be.The blue scissors in the drawers on the left,and the white bowls on the granite counter at the back.Everything is at place.She started to wonder if he will need her to help him put things back for him at all anymore.

It was a Thursday.She was eight.She went to the supermarket to buy Fruit Loops.And that was what her life was all about in that moment.Buying Fruit Loops.

It was a Friday.”Thank god today is Friday” she quietly muttered under her breath eventhough she didn’t believe in God.

It was a Saturday.He wasn’t okay.If tea makes everything better.He needs an ocean of it.He needs every fucking tea leaf from Cuba,from China.

It was a Sunday.He didn’t love her like he did yesterday.


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