Scattered Words For The Scattered People

1. I feel numb again last Wednesday.Like I was on quicksand,slipping and sinking.I feel numb again last Tuesday,like I was floating,my feet aren’t touching the ground,my hand isn’t touching your face.Nothing is touching me,I am touching nothing.Numb. I feel numb again last Friday night,and I couldn’t do much but sit on the battered couch and watch myself from a static tv.Sinking doesn’t feel like sinking if I’m sinking with you.

2.We can’t be together.We can’t be together because you are sad.You are sad by nature.Sad when the milk is spilled on the floor,sad when the washing machine doesn’t work.sad when the morning glory didn’t bloom at 8.13am when it should.And I’m sad too.Blue on blue is just,blue.I can be with him,however because he seems like someone who would fix the washing machine if it doesn’t work.

3.I’m not defined by you.I’m  not defined by anything.I’m not defined.I’m not,I’m not,I’m not.

4.I never knew the door was there.I just didn’t see the doorknob.

5.I’m in another room,at last.


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