What It Feels Like To Have Somebody’s Back

You have an entire vertebral column.You grew a cervical vertebrae,a thoracic vertebrae,lumbar vertebrae and sacral vertebrae.You could sit straight again,and do yoga even if you normally don’t.You think you you can fly with these new found bones,but you can’t.And that is alright,because at least you can sit straight now.You have a bridge that connects from Montgomery where Nat King Cole sang about Mona Lisa,to Clayton where the policemen wear shorts.There’s no more Interstate 65 in Montgomery.It’s replaced with a bridge,a bridge I know I won’t fall off.Both deliberately and unintentionally.You have someone who would put out the fire with a glass of water.And when you look up at him through the bent spoon in the glass.You thought about bending,breaking and refractions,but mostly you thought to yourself “Why?” and he says it’s because he’s got your back. Then you don’t feel like bending and breaking anymore.


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