It Don’t Matter

Let’s laugh at how lonely you were when you sat for 15 minutes waiting for the florist finish up the flowers you bought.Let’s laugh at how little 2 months ago matter to you.Let’s laugh at how life isn’t a roll of film for a pilot movie,you can’t cut out 2 months ago and reattach and recopy 2 of 1 month agos.Let’s laugh at how life is like a movie but not like a movie because your life is a horribly written movie so it’s not a movie but your life is a movie because they left most insignificant parts out,and where did all those parts go?What is life when life is a bunch of big pictures and relevant snippets of scenes?Let’s laugh at how your spirit will never shoot up to heaven when you’re burning in a furnace,because face it,you’re going to hell.Let’s laugh at all the things you’ve lost.Let’s laugh at that black metal song you tried to commit suicide to.Let’s laugh at that indie song you tried to commit suicide to.Let’s laugh at the sociopath.Listen to me,sociopath,not psychopath.Because sociopaths go above and beyond themselves to make sure that other people around them have no idea that their life is something other than what it is.Let’s laugh at all of this because it don’t matter.Anymore,at least.


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