So I Took A Rorschach Test

  • Inkblot #1:  a bat
  • Inkblot #2:  two redheads joining hands
  • Inkblot #3:  two mutated ducks
  • Inkblot #4:  a mountain
  • Inkblot #5:  a moth
  • Inkblot #6:  maple leaf
  • Inkblot #7:  two people laughing at each other
  • Inkblot #8:  two people on the computers
  • Inkblot #9:  hell
  • Inkblot #10:  eiffle tower



* According to your personality, and if in the pool of potential candidates, you would be best suited to be the next leader of a large company like:


* You’ll soon be asked to choose a super-sensitive and secret password and would be highly advised against using:


* Your apparent physical being and possible personal abilities and talents best match that of:
Deion Sanders.


* If given the chance to stop the pain and suffering of the grieving relatives of the victims of a past maritime disaster you would most likely choose to avert the disaster that had claimed a total of:
397 lives on the Toyo Maru 10 (near Kurushima, Japan, 1945).


* If you were to be reincarnated as a famous musician you would have been this artist and have written this song:
The Beach Boys, “God Only Knows”


* You would have fit in nicely with the cast of the following television series:



* A terrible crime has occurred in your hometown and the evidence points directly at you so you:
Turn yourself in and let the justice system decide your eventual fate.


* If you were one of the greatest actors of all-time you would be:
Toshirô Mifune.


* Someone whom you love deeply has decided to move on with their life without you and you:
Let them know that they can take as much time and space as they need.


* Your underlying valor and heroism would have made you a great candidate to fight in the following conflict or war:
Battle of Mogadishu “Blackhawk Down” (1993).


The only thing I like about this is the Beach Boys association.


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