To the ketiaks i adore and miss with all my heart and soul if i have a heart and a soul:

you probably still wear your blue and pink sneakers out.those which you wore with your beige dress in your surprise party in February of 2011 where you met a bartender who asked out every girl he’s possibly crossed paths with.probably eating spring roll or arabian food in kl where we always said wed go,maybe both of us might go there someday.

you are probably whatsapping the girl whom we’ve helped you asked to prom to with fairy lights taped and pinned onto the board of 4 nemesu which spells more of “fl0r?” rather than “prom?”.funny thing was,you didnt even go to prom.

you are probably at home because you’ve been robbed outside your house and you’ve never went out after 8 anymore since then because they robbed you round 8.30,they robbed you of your bag which mis and i thought looked like a bag that you dispose bodies with or a bag a dysfunctional child would bring along with when running away from home,

you are probably happy and beaming like a laser light beam in the mono concert we went together and green and blue and yellow,because you’ve found something and someone to gain warmth from other than the sunlight outside your window.and the idea of that gives me warmth,as well.

you are probably staring into space and wondering how a struggle would end and how a struggle would’ve started.wanting to reminisce but wanting to forget,wanting to die but wanting to stick around for awhile to see what happens because your life is buffering like the youtube video you shared with us of a bunch of drunk guys playing slenderman.but hey,the video stopped buffering and we watched it till the end and had a laughing riot anyway.

you are probably doing math right now because you have a paper on the mondays we used to have back in high school where wed dread the schooling times,but look forward to see each other because you have so many things to share with me and amplify my ears with your affectionate racial slurs,like the amplifier ive been wanting to buy to play post rock music with you but havent because i havent got the time.tit and dick picnic will make a comeback and when it does,itll be a comeback as great as jesus.

you are probably watching the office right can be dwight and i can be steve carell,god i can never remember his name but i remember how he yelled “nooo god no” in a 10 seconds video.i just met you last week so i know your mother have two scarfs of two different colors that costed 10 bucks,10 bucks which is about the price a wondermilk would cost without taxes.wondermilk,where we sat for the first time and you took a large book of facts and read us facts of life because you have eaten.

you are probably taking a picture of yourself looking unflattering as possible or you’re probably taking a piture of your food.just like how you tried to take a picture of my hummus in nandos and shrieked when i told you i didnt know what a hummus was.i just met you today so i know you are probably watching the vampire diaries too,youre starting college soon and i hope that i can still predict what youre doing like what im doing right now.

as you can see,i think about you all all the time.because seeing a cup of water reminds me of aquatic life which reminds me of the day we spent in aquaria,and falling asleep in the dark reminds me of the day when we all went to tojos house to play slenderman and i dug my nails into kylthurs skin because the slenderman nearly ate the girls face off.when i said “we all will be taken away gradually by time” 6 months ago,i meant it.if we ever are taken away,i hope itll only be by time not by our actions in the last 6 months.

To the ketiaks i adore and miss with


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