How To Live An Easy Life

Thought Catalog

Arise from your bed after the third snooze. Walk over to the mirror and decide that you look great. Showering is unnecessary. Go to your closet and pick out the first thing that catches your eye. Forget about matching, lime green pretty much goes with everything. Check out which pair of shoes are the most comfortable. Put them on. Sperry’s for the office, why not! Comfort conquers fashion. Look at your bed and roll your eyes. No one is going to be in your room from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., who cares about it looking tidy. This is not a form of laziness; this is saving time and making life easy.

Walk into the kitchen and search for a breakfast item. Cheese omelet, blueberry pancakes, or perhaps a fruit parfait? No, no, and God no. How much time are we trying to waste here? Reach into the pantry and…

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