beach boys were on and it was 1973,
he couldnt hold his feelings like how he couldnt hold his g&t,
the war was over
some say because of sitting monks and some say because of a picture
david j miller burnt his draft card,and his heart burns there too
hey hey lbj how many kids did you kill today echoes in his dreams
but nothing would stop the sounds of the m14s
so he walked into his wife’s dressers mirror
and it was then the shooting sounds disappeared
he liked it here because there was coke that wont give you cancer of the nose
and mostly because he knows that only here the war has really come to a close

it was a one way mirror,from inside out but never outside in
a cruel metaphor for the life he has been living
there were times where hed want to break the glass
and show himself to his wife at last
the times when his wife would weep when brushing her hair
or when shes with another company as if she never loved him or cared
or when he heard his son was enlisted for the afghan war
he really pondered why he walked into the mirror for


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