The Railway Platform

If I were to be on anyone’s couch to pay them to talk about how I feel,it’s going to be something like this.
The sound of the intercom system on the railways are drowning out the white noise in my head.The fizzle of the cola and the flicking of a zippo.My eyes search around the railway platform for moving people.And they kept moving and moving and moving.
They’re all going somewhere,they’re all getting on the train.Is anyone going to stop?
The train did,but they didn’t.
Then the train finally did’nt.

It’s quiet now.The fizzle of the cola drowned out the sound of the clock ticking for the next train.No more moving people,because there are no more people.
I have been wearing the same thing for days,the last lunch I ate was hours ago.Afraid I would miss my train,I sat and waited.

Then someone came and sat next to me.The thought of being alone with someone else who is alone comforts me.
The train came,and it wasn’t mine.
No more moving people because there are no more people.


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