A lot can happen in a year

A lot can happen in a year.

Feel like a foreigner in your own land,lie on shoulders,baths are longer,lie on the bathroom floor,stop closing doors,take someone’s heart and make it into jewelry to sell on etsy,break someone’s heart and try to make them jewelry as a compensation,days get darker even with the streetlights on,self destruct on things you only hear about,sew double-stitched seams on your own heart and forehead,become deader than frankenstein monster,days get weightless from the lack of friends you used to have and you don’t know where you are,are you very close or not very far?days get fireworks from 4th of July even when it’s only April,feel good,feel shitty too,feel like your heart can’t take it,but you can keep your thread and needle,feel like you are about to get a cardiovascular disease,feel alone but feel alone together,feel together ,feel like you need to get your shit together,feel blessed,feel cursed,feel more bipolar than the magnets shown by your physics teacher,feel like you need to get out of the country,feel like you need to stay in the country,feel empty,feel half empty,feel full,feel half full,feel at home in a foreign land.

a lot can happen in a year,as we travel through a day nothing seems different,but when we look back everything is different yet everything is the same as it is.


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