Life is not a spark in space,
An episode of Will and Grace
Controversial yet mundane.
Debrah’s messing with your brain.
Even Scientologists
Know there’s more to all of this.
You search the ruins for trap doors.
Wonder what you’re put here for.

Simple as a hint of gas
Climbing nostrils as you pass,
Making Harvard graduates
Feel childish when they laugh at it.
Climb the rungs to kingdom come.
Sour Patch to acid tongue.
Are you opposed to having fun?
You clench the world between your buns.

You could do better

Your life is always the post of something else.
Where is the present in the way that you present yourself?
It’s disgusting how little that you try:
The existential equivalent of pink eye.

Drink alone and watch TV.
You’re expecting harmonies
To tap your tune with silver spoons,
The anthem of impending doom.
Guiding Satan’s steady hand.
Forcing Beatles to disband.
It’s ego freaks and drama queens
The young at heart know what I mean.

You could do better


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