I’m made of barbed wires that’s why hugs are not something you’ll get
I’m a state penitentiary,you’d want to escape from me
But you just don’t know it yet
Special abilities include talking about deaths on first dates
And trying to speculate
The age when you contemplate suicide
The damp spot by my bed because I sleep on my sides
because it gets bleak and I cry
“You are test tubes of¬†emotions and you always refill them forever.”
Inabilities include talking about the weather
I can’t hear you talking about how little layers
You wear to Tesco
In the blistering cold.
Because I’m six miles deep underwater drowning myself
In thoughts on how to drown myself.
I’m not half full,I’m not half empty
So tell your therapist to fuck off,I don’t care if she has an MD
I’m a broken cup,fill me up and you’re the only optimist
Why will you never be full?
“How do you screw this up?”
Talk to the things I quit.
I took swimming lessons and I still don’t even know how to swim abit.
He moves like sun rays trying to warm me up
But I skipped across pavements that are lit up.
Like a child’s game I made pretend.
I would be destroyed if I touched the sun.
I can only play power chords on a papa roach song.
He has blue eyes,I think they’re grey.
I liked him because he reminded me of how nothing goes my way.
“I fucking love you but I’m not gonna stay.”
Main special ability includes – constantly walking away.


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