“Core Memories”

My dad, with a pink bandana on his head, running on the treadmill to Nat King Cole every morning before sending us to school.

Putting pillows over me and my sister’s head as we roll off our beds

My mom running into my room, lifted the lid of my radio and broke my Simple Plan CD in half

Standing outside my mom’s door crying and apologizing on behalf of my sister when they had a huge fight

Having a ginger candy laid down on the dashboard every time I go into my bus drivers car after pre-school

Crying on my mom’s lap when my dad went to Laos for work

Trying to fish my house keys with this long metal pole thing through my house gate

Cutting my foot on the mosquito netting of my bedroom door

Eating grapes listening to Lover’s Tears after my first break up

Listening to Lover’s Tears with my mom in the car outside my house  because she told me she listened to that song incessantly when my grandmother died

Standing in front of my favorite Mamak only to find out it’s been shut down and demolished

Drunkenly stumbling by the river on the Lawcompsci night

Watching Schindler’s List and eating Dominos with Pete

Opening the curtains in Genting Highland and exclaimed “Wow this is beautiful” to wake Jiayuin up



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